Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Clinical Case Award

Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Clinical Case Award

Case Report Submission for 2018 is now closed.

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Clinical initiative deserves acknowledgement

Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH facilitates this acknowledgement in the form of the annual Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Clinical Case Award. The Award is bestowed for the case reporting excellence in recognition of importance of advancing real-world clinical research.

The Awards

The Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Clinical Case Award is comprised of a main prize of 10,000 euro, and a runner-up prize of 5,000 euro. With these prizes the company Heel encourages clinical researchers to publish their case reports in a peer-review journal with the help of professional medical writer.

The prizes are awarded once a year in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Information and Contact

Clinical case study reporting is an important method to expand the research knowledge base, demonstrate the integrative management of patients by including multitarget therapies into treatment plans, share medical information that may offer other clinicians additional insights, and thereby benefit the patient. The idea of publishing a clinical case study may seem like a daunting task, but with the CARE guidelines this process has become predictable, uniform, structured and easier to follow.

The deadline for submissions for the Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Award 2017 was June 30, 2017. The submission is now closed.

An international Award Review Committee will allocate the award. The review panel‘s decision is final.

Tribute to Reckeweg

This award is a tribute to Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg the founder of the company Heel who developed specifically designed medications and a therapeutic system which has repeatedly supplied the impetus for successful research. In the past, the Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg award focused on scientific research (including clinical case-based reporting) and previous winners are listed below.

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